Detailed below are terms and conditions related to the use of Kings Chance. Please ensure that you fully understand the contents of this document and willingness to abide by what’s addressed before you play.

Should any parts of this document not be clear, please seek the advice of a local legal official, especially in the case that you have any questions regarding your rights and obligations arising from this agreement.

We utilize the most modern and peerless methods to maintain and secure your sensitive and personal data, thereby ensuring total player protection.

These include transmission of sensitive details to and from the client application, encryption of the user name and password information, and transfer of data from our servers.

By playing at Kings Chance, you agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions.

General Terms & Conditions for Membership

  1. You obtain no rights to such terms, nor any other terms, graphics, text, concepts, or methodologies, by using the website Kings Chance and the material contained therein.
  2. Participation in the activities and games provided by Kings Chance is open only to residents of those jurisdictions where such participation is legal and not prohibited. Participation in a game provided is void wherever prohibited by law.
  3. You must be at least 18 years old to use this service. You may only participate in any gambling events if it is legal for you to do so according to the laws that apply in the jurisdiction you reside in. You must understand and accept that we are unable to provide you with any legal advice or assurances in such instances.
  4. Only one real account per player and per address is permitted. Multiple accounts will be closed. Players who register multiple accounts (including accounts with different personal details) will not be eligible to receive any winnings, any account balance will be confiscated, and all withdrawals will be canceled.
  5. Information provided during the download of the Kings Chance app, the sign-up process, or during the registration for any promotion will be kept in the strictest confidentiality. However, the player may receive intermittent notices from Kings Chance and/or its partners. The player may ask to unsubscribe at any time.
  6. Kings Chance makes no representations or warranties, implicit or explicit, as to your legal right to participate on our site nor shall any of Kings Chance ’s employees, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion, or other agencies, media partners, agents or retailers have the authority to make any such representations or warranties.
  7. Employees of Kings Chance , its licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, retailers and members of the immediate families of each are not eligible to participate in Kings Chance .
  8. Kings Chance is for entertainment value only. No deposit is necessary or required to play at Kings Chance . You may play without betting money if you wish. Any participation at Kings Chance is at your sole option, discretion and risk. By playing Kings Chance , you acknowledge that you do not find Kings Chance to be offensive, objectionable, unfair, or indecent.
  9. Regarding the outcome of game results, the player agrees to accept all outcomes as output by game provider via Kings Chance .
  10. You are only permitted to enter Kings Chance for your own personal entertainment and non-professional use. Any other entrance, access, use or reuse of the Kings Chance website is strictly prohibited.
  11. Kings Chance reserves the right to cancel your account should we suspect fraudulent practices to be taking place or should you be in violation of these terms and conditions.
  12. Kings Chance reserves the right to void any winnings and confiscate any balance in your casino account in any circumstances that we deem to be going against these terms and conditions, including:
    1. If there is evidence to suggest that you have more than one active account for Kings Chance;
    2. If you participate in a Kings Chance promotion and cash in before fulfilling the requirements of that particular promotion;
    3. If you provide incorrect or misleading registration, account or identification information;
    4. If you are not of legal age;
    5. If you reside in a jurisdiction where participation in Kings Chance is prohibited by law;
    6. If you have allowed or permitted (intentionally or unintentionally) someone else to play using your Kings Chance account;
    7. The player is conscious of the fact that he/she might lose money using this software.
    8. If the player has not played at Kings Chance on an individual basis for personal entertainment only (that is, you have played in a professional sense or in concert with other player(s) as part of a club, group, etc.)
    9. If you are found to be cheating or if it is determined by Kings Chance that you have employed or made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems) designed specifically to defeat Kings Chance;
    10. If you have been designated as a bonus abuser, please see section 14 for further bonus abuser clarification;
    11. If Kings Chance discovers that you have created more than one account in order to play and/or claim bonuses;
    12. If during the account validation and withdrawal process it comes to light that you have been banned or otherwise censured for fraud or causing financial loss through abuse of casino policy in this or any of our sister brands.
  13. While playing with an active bonus, it is forbidden to engage in activities that give the player a clearly unfair advantage. Such activities include, but are not limited to:
    1. Delaying game rounds in any game, including free spins and bonus features, to a later time.
    2. Leaving large bets on the table or playing games with bonus money with the sole purpose to build up in-game value, only returning to the game after bonus wagering has been completed.
    3. Using strategies that take advantage of any software bug or failure.
  14. Any winnings that were earned as a result of either system malfunction, or game error will be void.
  15. By accepting any prize and/or winnings from Kings Chance, you consent to the use of your name for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law. The player is also conscious of the fact that he/she might lose money while playing at Kings Chance.
  16. If you have any dispute regarding the outcome of any casino game, you must submit your complaint to Kings Chance in writing within fourteen (14) days. In the event of a discrepancy between the result shown to you and what is detailed by Kings Chance’s server software, the result shown on Kings Chance’s server software shall be the official and governing result of the game.
  17. The liability of taxes and fees applicable to winnings resulting from the use of Kings Chance’s platform and/or software rests with the player. The player is expected to maintain and report winnings to the concerned authorities, in case the prizes are taxable in their jurisdiction.
  18. Before a withdrawal can be processed, the player may be required to provide a government-issued photo ID and a clear selfie of themselves. We might also ask the player to verify their identity by making a small Card deposit to make sure the player is genuine and who they claim to be. Kings Chance reserves the right to request additional information to validate accounts.
  19. Kings Chance reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice to you, to add new activities or games to the platform or to discontinue any activity or game at any time. You are solely responsible for keeping your account number and password secure. You shall not allow any other person or third party including, without limitation, any minor, to use or reuse your account, access and/or use any materials or information from Kings Chance, accept any prize, or participate in games.
  20. You are solely responsible for any deposits and/or losses that may occur on your account.
  21. Kings Chance shall not be required to maintain user names or passwords if the player misplaces, forgets, loses, or is otherwise unable to enter Kings Chance because of anything other than Kings Chance's error.
  22. Kings Chance shall not be liable for computer or Internet malfunctions nor attempts by the player to participate in Kings Chance by methods, means or ways not intended by Kings Chance.
  23. Regarding all financial account transactions, the player agrees that Kings Chance or a payment processing company on Kings Chance's behalf will handle all requests ("Payment Processor"). The player further agrees that the Payment Processor reserves the right to withhold any payments should the Payment Processor have reason to believe or any suspicion that the player may be engaging in or have engaged in fraudulent, collusion, unlawful, or improper activity.
  24. Due to third-party processing limitations or policies, the withdrawal amount paid or processed to the Player may vary on a weekly or monthly basis.
  25. The player shall not hold Kings Chance, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents and retailers responsible and shall fully indemnify same from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of (i) your entry, use, or reuse of the Kings Chance website, (ii) your use of any materials at the Kings Chance website, (iii) your entry, use, or reuse of Kings Chance’s server, (iv) your participation in Kings Chance, or, (v) your acceptance of any prize.
  26. Materials of Kings Chance (whether electronically obtained or obtained by other means) are automatically void if counterfeited, mutilated, forged, altered or tampered with in any way, if illegible, mechanically or electronically reproduced, obtained outside authorized legitimate channels or if they contain printing, production, typographical, mechanical, electronic or any other errors.
  27. After a deposit, you will receive an e-mail notification. We recommend the cardholder print out all transaction data, the rules of the game, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods in order to avoid misconceptions and discussions at a later time and keep them in an easily accessible place.
  28. All wagers must be placed through the user interface provided by Kings Chance on our platform. Any wagering through other means, including the use of a "robot" player, is strictly forbidden. In the event that use of non-approved client software is detected, Management reserves the right to invalidate all such wagers retroactively, cancel the Player's account, or take any other appropriate action.
  29. Kings Chance reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions or to implement or amend any procedures, at any time without prior notice to you. Such amendments will be implemented at the discretion of Kings Chance management and put into immediate effect. Such procedural changes will only be in response to the interests and security of Kings Chance or players.
  30. The Terms and Conditions contained herein represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between you and Kings Chance and supersede and merge all prior agreements, representations and understandings between you and Kings Chance with regards to playing at Kings Chance.
  31. Kings Chance shall not be held liable for errors in terms and conditions in third-party promotions or on third-party websites.
  32. Playthrough Requirements: the wagering requirement is determined by the deposit amount plus the amount of the promotional bonus redeemed. For example: Should a player deposit 100 EUR and redeem a 100% bonus that requires 30x playthrough, the player must wager the amount of their deposit (100 EUR) plus the amount of their bonus (100 EUR) 30x before requesting a withdrawal. This means that the player must wager 200 EUR x 30 = 6,000 EUR before requesting a withdrawal from their account.
  33. Maximum Withdrawal: This strictly applies when a player has selected a Max Cashout Coupon and is determined solely by the amount of the deposit.For example, you deposit 100 EUR and redeem a 10 x max cash out coupon. The maximum you are eligible to withdrawal is, (100 EUR x 10) 1,000 EUR.

Country Based Restrictions

Based on your country of residence, restrictions apply to playing at Kings Chance, the use of bonuses, the redemption of free chips and/or deposits via cryptocurrency. We retain the right to lift these restrictions on an individual basis. Carefully go through the constraints that may apply.

You can contact us in order to appeal for any country-based restriction(s). Kings Chance shall assess your account and make the final call based on your case.

Marketing Communications

Your privacy is important to us. You may choose to unsubscribe from marketing communications, including email, text messages or phone calls at any time. Please note that you will still receive all transactional messages related to your account even if you unsubscribe from marketing communications. We do not send nor condone the sending of unsolicited communications. If you think you are receiving unsolicited email from our company, please report this to

Third Party Communications

Kings Chance does not have control over third party marketing communications, including but not limited to, affiliate programs, marketing agencies, promotional agencies, etc. If you feel that you are the victim of spam activities conducted by a third party that is promoting or advertising Kings Chance product, please contact us. We will make every effort to contact the relevant third party and have your details removed from their database to stop any future communications from being sent to you. Please note that Kings Chance cannot promise any definitive resolution in respect of such requests to third parties.

By creating an account and playing at Kings Chance you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Kings Chance as stated above.


No Deposit Bonuses (Free Chips, Free Spins)

Unless stated otherwise, all No Deposit Bonuses are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The bonus amount must be wagered a minimum of 40 times (40x playthrough requirement) for Slots, Keno, Scratch Cards and Bingo; and 60 times (60x playthrough requirement) for All Allowed Table Games and Video Poker.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, the maximum withdrawal amount from any No Deposit Bonus is 1x the face value of the bonus, with a maximum of 100 EUR. The maximum withdrawal amount for all free chips valued below 50 EUR is no more than, nor less than, 100 EUR.
  3. Players cannot redeem multiple free bonuses consecutively. If you have redeemed one No Deposit Bonus and are subsequently offered another one, a real-money deposit needs to have been made in the interim for you to be eligible to withdraw the second No Deposit Bonus.
  4. All No Deposit Bonuses are subject to the Wager Requirements and the Maximum Withdrawal Limits listed above.
  5. Once you have met the Wager Requirements and are able to make a withdrawal, any amount that is over the Maximum Withdrawal Limit will be removed from your balance, as you will not be able to withdraw these funds.
  6. Unless Kings Chance management specifically gives prior permission, Welcome Bonuses are limited to one promotion per player, per family, per computer, per address and per IP address.
  7. Players from certain countries may not cash out from free chip offers if they have not previously deposited. These players may partake of said free chips for amusement purposes only. Please contact a customer support representative before using any free chip offer to understand your eligibility for withdrawals.
  8. Kings Chance reserves the right to cancel or refuse any promotional offer at any time.
  9. Before claiming a free spin, free chip, or other non-deposit related bonus, a prior depositing player’s account balance must be below 5 EUR - if not, related bonus winnings will be voided.
  10. In the cases where a promotion or a free bonus is open for use on different games, the highest wagering requirement (out of all the games that were played), will be applied in order to meet the wagering requirements before cashing out.
  11. While mixing deposits and a free bonus is not allowed, we are aware that this may happen from time to time. If, for whatever reason, you make a deposit while using a No Deposit Bonus (e.g. Free Chip, Free Spins offer, etc.), the wagering requirements and maximum allowed withdrawal of the no deposit bonus will still apply.
  12. Once the player has completed play with the No Deposit Bonus, whether by requesting a withdrawal (with any excess winnings above the maximum allowed withdrawal being removed) or by your total balance reaching below 1 EUR, we will credit the amount of your deposit back into your casino account along with whatever deposit bonus you would like.
  13. If you use any bonus to accumulate a feature guarantee(s), or extra bonus rounds and use a subsequent deposit and or bonus to redeem built-up feature bonus rounds, the winnings coming from said bonus round(s) shall void all or any winnings. No deposits will be refunded.
  14. In the event that a player redeems a no-deposit promotional offer that he/she is not entitled to, any winnings generated from that promotion will be voided.
  15. The player is entitled to only one free chip in between deposits; any winnings resulting from multiple free chips will be void. For example, should a player redeem two free chips in a row, he/she will not be able to withdraw any winnings generated by playing with said chip.
  16. For security purposes and to make sure the player is genuine and who they claim to be, the player may be asked to verify their identity by making a small Card deposit before any payout from a free bonus can be issued.

All Deposit Bonuses:Standard Wagering Requirements

  1. In order to claim a bonus, the player must redeem it before placing any bets with said deposit. If the bonus does not redeem for any reason, it is the player's responsibility to contact Customer Support for assistance with redeeming said bonus. Once the player begins wagering the deposit, the player forfeits their right to any promotion on that deposit.
  2. Unless approved by management, Players cannot redeem additional coupons or promotional offers if they have a balance or pending withdrawal. Promotional offers or coupons cannot be combined. If at any time this should occur, winnings will be void.
  3. In the event that a player uses a promotional offer or coupon that he/she is not entitled to use, any and all winnings generated from that promotion are forfeited and the original deposit is returned to the player.
  4. Kings Chance reserves the right to cancel or refuse any promotional offer at any time.
  5. If a player has chosen to use a bonus or promotion, it is the sole responsibility of the player to ensure that any applicable Playthrough requirements are met before requesting a withdrawal. Failure to meet the playthrough requirements will result in the withdrawal request being denied.
  6. Maximum Withdrawal (Cashout) Rules: This strictly applies when a player has selected a Max Cashout Coupon and is determined solely by the amount of the deposit. For example, if you deposit 100 EUR and redeem a 10 x max cash out coupon. The maximum you are eligible to withdrawal is, (100 EUR x 10) 1,000 EUR.
  7. Redeeming Multiple Promotions: You may not mix or combine promotions or bonuses. If multiple bonuses are mixed, your casino winnings may be removed at the time of withdrawal. Please be sure to use only one bonus at a time. Unless otherwise indicated by Kings Chance, you cannot redeem additional coupons if you have a withdrawal pending or if you have an existing balance.
  8. Playing a prohibited or restricted game while using a bonus will void any winnings generated during the use of said bonus. These terms are valid and applicable even after the playthrough requirement has been met. All Deposit Bonuses for Slots and Keno with No Restrictions (No Playthrough and No Max Cash-Out) come with our software minimum of 1x playthrough (deposit + bonus amount) before the funds can be withdrawn.
  9. Unless specifically stated otherwise, bonus amount is always considered non-cashable and will be removed from the amount of your withdrawal request. E.g., if the player receives a bonus of 100 EUR and later requests a 390 EUR withdrawal, the 100 EUR bonus will be removed, and the withdrawal will total 290 EUR. Withdrawal requests made for less than the bonus received will be denied and returned to the player's account.

Additional Terms Applicable to ALL Bonuses

  1. Only players who have registered a Real Money Account are eligible to receive Promotions. Only one Real Money Account per player is permitted. Multiple accounts will be closed. Players who register multiple accounts (including accounts with different personal details) will not be eligible to receive any bonuses or winnings, and all withdrawals will be cancelled.
  2. Each promotional offer is available only once per person, family, household address, email address, credit card number, and environments where computers are shared (university, fraternity, school, public library, workplace, etc.)
  3. When using a deposit bonus, any withdrawal request must exceed the sum of the deposit and the deposit bonus. E.g. If the Player deposits 100 EUR and receives a 100 EUR bonus, the withdrawal request must exceed 200 EUR.
  4. All promotional offers and bonuses can only be redeemed by players when they have no existing account balances and no pending withdrawals unless otherwise stated.
  5. Unless otherwise stated, a promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer and all promotional offers are only available to those players to whom the offer was issued directly by the Casino. Promotional offers by email are for the intended recipient only and cannot be transferred.
  6. Bonuses may be refused at the discretion of the management if abuse of promotions is suspected. All withdrawals will be audited and refused where there is suspected fraud or at the Casino’s discretion.
  7. Kings Chance reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to you. Such amendments will be effective immediately upon being posted in this "Terms and Conditions" section of the web site. It is your responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis and to check any additional rules detailed within promotional emails. Should you be unclear about any point relating to a specific promotion, it is your responsibility to contact the support team and gain a full understanding before partaking in a promotion.
  8. Any promotion or offer is terminable at any time in accordance with the views of management without prior notice or obligation.
  9. The management reserves the right to disqualify certain countries or individual players from promotional offers. Promotional offers via email, telephone or mail are extended only to the Player whom the correspondence is addressed.
  10. The Terms and Conditions contained herein represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between you and Kings Chance and supersede and merge all prior agreements, representations and understandings between you and Kings Chance with regards to the claiming of any promotional or bonus offers.
  11. An approved "Manager Withdrawal" represents a portion of your balance that was removed because it was not eligible for withdrawal. This amount could be Bonus funds (which are non-cashable) or because you have exceeded the Maximum Withdrawal Amount on your last bonus, with excess funds removed.
  12. If one of the accounts in your household, or family has a bonus restriction the same restrictions apply to any other account of yours or your family’s.

Approval of Withdrawals

  1. We will process your withdrawal as soon as we have verified the following:
    1. A valid identification document has been uploaded and verified
    2. Your payment details have been approved
  2. Once the above has been verified, our payments team will review your request for approval. Your withdrawal will typically be sent to our payment service provider within 3-5 banking days (Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays) of approval. Delays may occur from time to time and may extend the time needed to process your withdrawal.
  3. Free withdrawals will automatically renew on the first day of each new month.
  4. No minimum amount is required to receive free processing of withdrawals.
  5. This is limited to the first two withdrawals a player makes in one calendar month.
  6. Any withdrawals requested over 300 EUR will be processed free of charge with no restrictions.
  7. A maximum withdrawal of 2,500 EUR will be approved per 24-hour period. A maximum of 10,000 EUR will be approved per 168-hour period. Ineligible requests will be denied within that time frame.
  8. Exceptions may apply based on the customer’s standing and activities with Kings Chance.

Processing Fees and Limitations

  1. All withdrawals may incur a processing fee of up to 40 EUR, depending on the payment processor and/or withdrawal amount.
  2. Due to 3rd party processing limitations or policies, the withdrawal amount paid or processed to players on a weekly or monthly basis may vary.
  3. Due to limitations enforced by third party payment processors, in some cases, your withdrawal may be split in to multiple payments, each with a separate approval time.
  4. When requesting multiple withdrawals, Kings Chance reserves the right to combine total withdrawals requested into as few requests as possible to make payments faster, and up to the maximum allowed amount to be paid per week.

Refund Policy

  1. A refund request will only be considered if it is requested within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the alleged transaction or within 30 calendar days if a Player alleges that another individual has accessed his/her Player Account
  2. If you have funded your account with a Credit Card, we reserve the right to pay all withdrawal requests up to the total amount deposited as refunds against your purchases. If your withdrawals exceed the total amount deposited, any excess amount will be paid to you via one of our alternative methods available.
  3. Before a refund is processed, all bonuses and winnings in your balance will be deducted prior to calculating the refund amount.
  4. In case any Credit Card deposits/withdrawals are considered to carry an unacceptable risk for security or legal reasons either by our Payment processors or by the Casino, we will initiate refunds for all such transactions back to the Credit Card and notify all the appropriate authorities and parties.
  5. List of required documents to proceed with the refund (please note that additional documents could be requested): Photo of ID, Photo or screenshot of the payment system, Photo or screenshot of the document confirming the current address. We reserve the right to make a phone call to the number provided in your user account, which at our own discretion can be a necessary part of the KYC procedure. Withdrawals may be terminated until the account is fully verified. We will make reasonable efforts trying to contact you regarding the withdrawal of the funds, but if we are not able to reach you (by email or phone) in two (2) weeks as from the date of the request for withdrawal, account will be locked, since you have failed to pass the KYC procedure. All Refunds payouts are in principle processed between five and seven (5-7) banking days.